Footie 4 Females Project Report 2014/2015

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Footie 4 Females Project Report 2014/2015

Name Of Project

Footie 4 Females

Funder & Amount

Comic Relief £7,230

Start Date

 June 2014

End Date

 May 2015

Interim or End Report

 End Report

Aims & Objective Summary

To work with 25 young females aged 16+ in LBBD.

To provide a free sports activity for young females to participate in a regular sports and exercise and healthy lifestyle for the young females this includes: Physical well-being, weight loss, confidence building also all participants will have opportunities to volunteer.

Support access to other local young people services :

10 will achieve Level 1 FA Coaching qualifications

5 will be working towards sports coaching Level 2

5 will be trained as volunteers


Were these met & how?

We worked with 23 young females on this project

4 are awaiting their Level 1 FA Coaching Badge

1 is working towards their Level 2 Sports Coaching Certificate (almost completed)

1 is continuing to work towards their BTec Sports Science (almost completed)

2 females are working towards their Youth work qualifications

6 young females have continuously volunteered on the project to develop their skills, knowledge & experience in project work and administration, sports coaching, child protection, health & safety, equal opportunities, leadership, group work, budgeting and youth work.

12 females have volunteered in total on this project

6 volunteers undertook outreach training and child protection training

3 females are currently volunteer coaching with another group on the weekends

4 of the females are now participating in another female project which further develops their fitness, confidence and employability skills.

2 young females have been referred to mental health services and are currently engaging with these services

6 of the females have engaged with sexual health services since the start of the project

5 of the females have trials to play for Barking Ladies FC

Feedback from the volunteers includes them enjoying their role and enjoying making new friends, increasing their social networks.

Self-reported feedback & evaluations from beneficiaries show that all of the young females feel they have improved their physical well-being, have lost weight and developed their confidence.

19 reported they have improved their fitness since starting footie for females

19 reported they have enjoyed the sessions

13 reported they have made new friends

8 are working towards a qualification

6 females are actively volunteering and 10 have volunteered for the first time on this project and reported they would volunteer again

19 have reported an improvement with health related issues E.g.

  • Physical well-being

  • Weight loss

  • Increased confidence

  • Increased understanding of healthy relationships

  • Increased understanding of sexual health

  • Increased support network

  • Opportunity to take part competitively


We were unable to take part in any formal tournaments due to injuries and organisers cancelling tournaments. However, the group engaged with the Essex FA and Dagenham & Redbridge FC to arrange mini tournaments to ensure the competitive element of the project was included. Feedback from the group included;

This was fun. We should do it more often.’

I’ve never played in a real football match before.’

This is the first medal I’ve ever won.’

Events were planned but due to various issues within the group only one event took place. This was a trip to see Dagenham & Redbridge FC play a match at home. The feedback from the group included;

This is the first match I’ve been to.’

I liked all the chanting. That was great.’


What are the development plans?

Face to face and social media outreach sessions engaged 11 more young females

We held 15 project development meetings throughout the project

We evaluated the project at 4 different stages gathering feedback about different parts of the project

We engaged with many different partners including the Essex FA, Dagenham & Redbridge FC, Terence Higgins Trust, The Women’s Trust, local authority health & mental health services & Barking Ladies FC.

We have not yet been able to secure significant funding to sustain the project. However, we have received further equipment from the Essex FA and support with development and training of players and coaches. Robert Clack Leisure Centre have provided us with 4 weeks in kind pitch hire to give us more time to secure funding. Dagenham & Redbridge FC will provide 1 coach for the next 4 weeks and the volunteers will continue to work on the project. The group will work together to identify and apply for further funding to continue to the project beyond the end of June 2015.


Please list & attach evaluation & feedback evidence

19 participant evaluation forms

2 beneficiary statements

8 volunteer evaluation forms

2 staff evaluation forms



Krystal Oakley, Amy Bailey, Rachel Parker, Taylor Clements & Sarah Robertson


May 2015