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Project Description

The Good Youth Forum is a group of young people that have set a group so we can make a positive change to the community and tackle any issue young people face in their community and to get the issues addressed.

The youth forum are a group of young people that have come together as part as a forum to tackle any issues, concerns within the community.  Issues we have raised so far within the forum:

  • Housing – young people being homeless or receiving a negative housing service
  • JCP – young people not being supported by advisors
  • Debt – Rent arrears & JCP sanctions
  • Crime – Fear or and real crime
  • Employment & Training
  • State of the community  and any other issues that need to be tackled and not being heard about it

The benefits of the forum are to help young people to speak up more and to seek help when they need to and to make a positive change to where they live. This will encourage young people to build up their confidence and to tackle any issues knowing there is extra support.

The Forum has a number of attendees:

9 Females

5 Males

This will increase whilst developing the forum.  The forum targets young people aged between 16-25 yrs, male and females who are residents in Barking and Dagenham.

What have we done?

The youth forum undertook an outreach session at John Smith House.  This was after a 2 hour training session about outreach.  Young people completed consultation forms about how they feel about the services they receive.  It also included whether they have got the best support that they can possibly be receiving and about what could be worked on by the John Smith House workers to give their best possible support to young people for them to move forward. The Forum conducted many outreach sessions to engage new members to the group and create awareness of the new service.  We have also tackled some of the issues that the Barking and Dagenham Foyer has been having as some of the members are foyer residents.  The youth forum compiled a report and drafted a letter and sent proof of evidence to the MP of Barking, Margaret Hodge.  She took our matters and sent them to the landlord and is in the process of getting the issues fixed at present.

We also conducted community consultations to see how young people get treated and feel about their experiences at John Smith House, the local authority housing support service.   

Some of the results are as follows;

18 out of 21 young people said young people were treated unfairly

18 out of 21 young people commented on negative experiences with staff

18 out of 21 young people had a negative overall experience

On average young people had a 3 hour waiting time 

21 young people said they would receive better treatment if attending with a professional

We will be developing this piece of research in order to assist the Local Authority to develop their services to better support local young people.

The Youth Forum also planned an event to engage residents and young people to come and make that difference within their community.   This event happened at the Barking & Dagenham Foyer and was in the form of an open mic event, supported by Tuneblar (an organisation set up and run by young people).  8 young people turned up and signed up and completed consultation forms showing their support for the forum. The event took place on the 8th August 2013.  It was designed to engage residents from the foyer to tackle any issues they had.  The open mic event was produced by Tasharn Baptise and managed by Krystal Oakley.  We provided refreshments for the young people and the event was fun and informal.  More events are being planned for the future.

What will be happening in the future?

The Youth Forum will have engaged more young people and gain a wider perspective of young people’s experiences in the borough and where change is needed.  We will also look into tackling different areas of concern that young people feel the need for support. More open mic events will take place and as a whole the Good Youth Forum aims to make a positive and a better community for everyone.

How to get involved

If you would like to get involved and to take part in The Good Youth Forum or would like more information then please contact us;

Phone: 0208 594 1398


Address: Future M.O.L.D.S Communities, Barking Enterprise Centre, 50 Cambridge Road, Barking, Essex IG11 8FG

Facebook: Futuremc.communities

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